Office Consultation

You will receive a one-on-one consultation with a qualified and experienced attorney who will thoroughly evaluate your case. The attorney you meet with will personally handle all aspects of your bankruptcy case, from the preparation of your bankruptcy petition to appearing with you at the creditor’s meeting.

To make a consultation on possibly filing for bankruptcy protection most useful, please bring with you all of the following:

  1. Credit Report

    A current credit report, available for free at Preferably print out and bring in the Experian credit report for each person seeking to file bankruptcy. Most times, each spouse has slightly different creditors listed on their credit report. However, if that report is not available, either of the other two credit reports will suffice. Please use the credit report from this link only as it provides much more valuable information to me, even if you have access to other similar credit reports. Please print out the detailed version of your credit report, making sure it indicates the amount of debt owed to each creditor, the date the credit was granted and the recent payment history. This should be a large report, approximately 25 pages or larger. Other credit reports, such as “” are not as helpful and should not be substituted, if at all possible.

  2. Pay Advices

    Six months of your most recent pay advices. A pay advice is the summary page of your pay check. If you are married and your spouse is employed, please bring in pay advices for both spouses. I will need to see pay advices for both spouses, even if only one spouse is going to file the bankruptcy petition. However, if you are separated from your spouse, their income information is not needed. If you are self-employed, please bring with you six months of profit and loss statements, month-by-month.

  3. Automobile Values

    For every vehicle registered in your name, please print out and bring in with you a valuation, available at Print out both the private party value and the retail value.

  4. Income Tax Returns

    Both state and federal income tax returns for the prior two years. Current law requires you be current with your income tax filings, even if you happen to owe for prior years. If you do not have a copy, you may obtain a transcript of your federal income tax return from the IRS at
    For a prior years California state tax return, call 800-852-5711.

  5. Bills

    All of your most recent bills, collection notices and any lawsuits. It is important for you to know if you have taken any cash advances, used a convenience check or transferred a balance between credit card accounts in the 12 month period prior to your office visit. Please review your records so you are able to discuss this with me.

  6. Bank Statments

    Six months of your most recent bank statements for all accounts you have signature rights. Also, your most recent statements for any retirement or pension account.

  7. Detailed Monthly Budget

    Finally, please bring in a detailed monthly budget, including mortgage or rent; utilities; food; insurance; clothes; gas for your vehicle; vehicle payments; out-of-pocket medical expenses and student loan payments.

Prior to Filing Your Petition

Prior to being able to file a bankruptcy petition, you must obtain a credit counseling certificate. You do not need this certificate before our initial consultation. Please refer to the list provided by the Office of the United States Trustee, for a list of approved agencies. We are in the Eastern District of California.
Click Here for list.

After Filing Your Petition

After filing your case, you must obtain a debtor education certificate within 45 days of your first meeting of creditors or you will not receive a discharge. Please refer to the list provided by the Office of the United States Trustee, for a list of approved agencies. We are in the Eastern District of California.
Click Here for list.

Driving Directions

Click Here for driving directions. I am located in the Park Tower building, next to Cesar Chavez Plaza, at the corner of 9th and J Streets. Street parking is available or park in the City parking lot on 10th Street, between I and J Streets. The office is also convenient to public transportation.